Joe Mako has the distinction of being recognized as both a Tableau Zen Master and an Alteryx ACE. He has an unstoppable desire to help others solve problems with Tableau. With his innovation, friendliness, creativity, and talent, Joe helps people answer complex questions and communicate insights that drive decisions.

Joe has contributed to the Tableau community since 2008 where he has helped thousands of people worldwide. "When you interact with Joe, be ready to be infused with knowledge and an abundance of energy."

Articles featuring Joe Mako:

Hands down, though, Jonathan Drummey and Joe Mako are at the center. They are master climbers who scale gnarly mountain tops without any tie downs. And they are generous and kind, consistently helping those of us who come behind them.
— Keith Helfrich
A few weeks ago, I was stuck and Joe Mako came to my rescue. By the way, that man is SMART!
— Chuck Hooper, Bialytics, Tableau Zen Master
Anyone who has been on a screen sharing call with Joe (and there are probably hundreds of people who have availed themselves of Joe’s generosity) can attest to stunning, fully-fleshed solutions emerging from Joe’s brain.
— Steve Wexler, Data Revelations